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Extended Video Database - Information

This eye tracking video database can be used to validate visual attention models. This dataset includes 132 videos downloaded from Internet and some synthetic videos generated in the lab. The videos can be classified in four categories, syntetic, urban, natural and indoors. The videos have been selected in order to minimize the influence of the top-down efects.

  • The following images show thumbnails for the Non-Syntetic videos in the Extended Video database. All the videos included on the database have been rescaled to a resolution of 320×240 pixels.
UrbanNatural with Static Camera
autoplay=1|rce_traffic_1 autoplay=1|rce_traffic_2 autoplay=1|rce_train_1
NaturalNatural with Dynamic Camera
autoplay=1|rcd_surf_4 autoplay=1|rcd_surf_5 autoplay=1|rcd_surf_6 autoplay=1|rcd_surf_7 autoplay=1|rcd_tuna_1 autoplay=1|rcd_tuna_2 autoplay=1|rcd_tuna_3
IndoorsSynthetic with Dynamic Camera
autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1|
  • The following images show thumbnails for the Synthetic videos in the CITIUS database.
SynteticSynthetic with Static Camera
autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1| autoplay=1|

Download All

If you only want to download the videos you can do it by clicking on the download icons of the previous section. If you have a fast enough internet connection and you prefer to download a stand alone file, with all the information and folder structure included inside, you can download by clicking on this link:


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