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 +This web application is a front-end of a service which implements a [[http://​dx.doi.org/​10.1109/​ICWS.2011.89|heuristic-based search algorithm]](( P. Rodriguez-Mier,​ M. Mucientes, and M. Lama. Automatic web service composition with a heuristic-based search algorithm. In //2011 IEEE International Conference on Web Services// (ICWS 2011).
 +)) that finds an optimal composition given a user request. The algorithm was successfully validated ​ using eight datasets provided by the [[http://​cec2008.cs.georgetown.edu/​wsc08/​|WS-Challenge 2008]]. These datasets have a variable number of services (from 158 to 8119) and the inputs and outputs are semantically described. Note that this web applications is a proof of concept to demonstrate the capabilities of the algorithm and it is not intended for general use.
 +**To start the web application,​ please follow this link http://​www.gsi.dec.usc.es/​composit**
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