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Social Networks

Social Networks

The following are the most common elements that will be disseminated on the center's social networks:

Typology Description
Keynote Speakers Plenary lectures by CiTIUS members at international and national congresses.
Journals Articles in 1st Quartile SJR or JCR journals. Other publications in relevant journals, upon request.
Congresses Comunications accepted at GRIN Class 1 and 2, CORE A or higher conferences.
Other publications in quality conferences.
Awards Awards granted by scientific and technological societies.
Best Papers in conferences.
Awards from foundations and other regional, national or international bodies.
Other relevant awards.
Participation in events Participation of CiTIUS members in congresses, events of high relevance or dissemination days.

From the tuit to the press communication

In the case of results of special relevance, the Press Unit will also write an entry in the news section of the CiTIUS website. Additionally, for those publications considered to have a greater potential impact on the media, the Unit will also draft a press release to be sent to the media.