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Outreach and technology videos

CiTIUS promotes the production and/or edition of videos related to the activity of the center, both technology videos that serve as a presentation of a particular technology to potential partners (video-demonstrators), as well as informative videos aimed at the general public.

The video demonstrators are published in the Youtube channel of CiTIUS, as well as in the Demonstrators section of the website. Examples of eligible contents for the realization of these videos are:

  • Scientific results of high relevance.
  • Projects, technologies and initiatives with high potential for the socioeconomic sector or the scientific community.
  • Projects, technologies and initiatives with social significance.

On the other hand, outreach videos are aimed at global communication, highlighting results with high impact on society or promoting, for example, new scientific vocations.

Research staff interested in producing one of these videos will contact the Press Unit, which will analyze the proposal in collaboration with the Knowledge Management and Transfer Unit, and will schedule its development according to its relevance.