Equality Committee

The main objective of the CiTIUS Equality Committee is to ensure the principle of equality in all CiTIUS activities and particularly in the following areas:

  • Gender perspective in all phases of the research activity
  • Staff selection and recruitment processes
  • Career development and promotion
  • Working conditions and co-responsible work-life balance
  • Equality training
  • Organisational culture of equality

The USC published a non-sexist language guide: Non-sexist language criteria

The USC promotes services to foster co-responsible conciliation and make work and family life compatible. These initiatives are aimed at the entire university community:

  • Breogán Infant School, aimed at children aged 0-3 years. Its pedagogical line is based on affection, observation, experimentation and play through a comprehensive educational project.
  • Summer Campus, with a programme of sports and leisure activities aimed at children aged 4-17 during the last weeks of June, July and early September.

The USC has a series of paid leaves for pregnancy, birth, adoption or fostering of minors:

  • Pregnancy leave from the 1st day of the 37th week of pregnancy until childbirth. In multiple gestation from the 1st day of the 35th week.
  • Maternity, adoption or foster care leave of 22 weeks for childbirth, of which 6 weeks must be taken immediately following the birth on a full-time basis. The remaining 16 weeks may be taken at any time on a full-time or part-time basis during the baby's first year of life. They must be taken in blocks of at least 1 week, notifying 15 days in advance.
  • Permission for the other parent due to birth, adoption or fostering of 16 non-transferable weeks, of which 6 will necessarily be immediately after the birth and full-time. The remaining 10 weeks can be enjoyed at any time full or part time during the baby's first year of life. They must be taken in blocks of at least 1 week, notifying 15 days in advance.
  • Breastfeeding leave for a child under 12 months of age: 1 hour of absence from work, which may be divided into 2 fractions. It may be replaced by a leave that accumulates the corresponding time in full days or by a credit of hours to be taken at any time after maternity leave.

For any questions regarding permits, you can ask Pilar Martínez Carou at the Secretariat.

The USC has a Protocol for the prevention of and action against sexual harassment and harassment based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, which can be consulted here.

There is a procedure for reporting harassment and a complaint form through the USC website.

For any suggestions or queries, please contact any of the members of the CiTIUS Equality Commission.

The USC also has a USC Gender Equality Office:

  • Address: Pabellón Estudiantil, Rúa de Lope Gómez de Marzoa, 4. Campus Vida, 15705 Santiago de Compostela
  • Phone number: 881 811 310, 881 811 309
  • E-mail: oix@usc.gal
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