Consumables (All kitchen users)

All kitchen users must contribute to the expenses on consumables such as: detergent for the dishwasher, napkins, dishcloths, etc.

If you want to make use of the kitchen and you do not belong to “Coffee Club” (see section “Appliances”), contact José Carlos Cabaleiro (2nd floor).


It's easy, collaborate!

  • ORGANIC WASTES: under the sink, the cleaning personal removes them daily.
  • INORGANIC WASTE (containers, plastics, cans…): in the three-holed trash can of the corner. Everybody's responsibility. Collaborate and empty these bins when full. To close them, depress fully the pedal bellow.
  • CLEAN PAPER AND CARDBOARD: in the carboard box.


Wipes are available under the sink. Use them after you fished eating and leave the room clean for your mates.


  • Tassimo Coffee Machine

If you want to use it contact Adrián González (LS02). You just have to pay 3€ once.

Coffee pods and the rest of the supplies (milk, sugar, and so on) are bought individually. Additionally one must pay for the use of the kitchen.

There is a small brochure with the directions, if you have any question contact Adrián González. When finishing your coffee leave the space clean and take off the pod!

  • Coffee maker and coffee club

Coffee, milk and infussions are bought by the group, including the consumables ;)

If you want to join contact Antonio Garćia Loureiro.

  • Water Heater and Microwave oven

The use of these appliances is free. This heater can only be use for water, not for milk. Collaborate with its cleaning!

The water heater is once again available and there is another one on reserve.

  • Dishwasher

Avoid washing dishes manually and use it. The programing of this machine is as easy as:

  1. Turn on the appliance.
  2. Place the detergent tablet in its gap.
  3. (Optional) Indicate the time delay (3, 6 or 9 hours).
  4. Use “eco” mode (default).
  5. IMPORTANT: Push START button.
  6. IMPORTANT: Make sure the door is closed (You must hear a “CLICK”, if it is not properly closed the program won't start).

IMPORTANT: The dishwasher is programed so that it works on weekdays arround 21-22h and it is emptied on mornings arround 8-11h, aproximatelly. If you find it full with clean dishes, empty it to avoid mixing clean and dirty stuff.

Cupboards and fridges

The different kitchen-user groups have filled the cupboard and fridges with their food and drinks (coffee, thea, milk …) and have already organized the adquisition of these things, sometimes this is done individually. You may find as well tupperwares with homemade food. If you want to use the cupboards or/and fridge find yourself a space and be responsible of its cleaning and of the state of the food. If you don't find any empty spot, talk to other regular users.

In the cupboard above the sink you may find kitchen supplies that belong to this Center, these things were bought so that everybody can use them. The cutlery is found in the drawers bellow the coffee machines. The rest of the cups are of personal use, you can bring your own stuff and find a space for it.

IMPORTANT: In the kitchen there is a marker (in the cupboard that is underneath and in the right hand side) use it to write the opening date of the milk, juices, etc. Try to consume them before they expire. If you abandone them, they'll be removed.

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