Remote desktop

Remote desktop service for the CITIUS Ubuntu. This service can be run even from a SSH connection and doesn't need a graphical session initiated beforehand.

To activate the remote desktop open a terminal window or connect trough SSH to the computer and enter the command escritorio-remoto. You'll see the following:

$ escritorio-remoto 
VNC Server started on DISPLAY :0, TCP port 5900.
You may connect now to with any VNC client.
The session will expire after 60 seconds.

Now you can connect to the IP address and port shown with any VNC client like Remmina. Once connected you'll see the following in the console and then recover control over the terminal:

Incoming connection from
For security reasons, the server won't listen for incoming connections anymore.
If you want to connect later, run «escritorio-remoto» again. Go to for details.

The server only listens until the first connection is made, the command must be run again if you want to make a new connection afterwards. The server has no password, so the usual flow will be: connect with SSH, run escritorio-remoto and then inmediately connecting with a VNC client.

The first user that connects will have control over the computer. If the graphical session was already open you can kill the x11vnc process with killall x11vnc.

If more than 60 seconds pass without a connection being made the VNC server will close itself.

Connecting without having a graphical session initiated

A graphical login will be shown remotely. After login, remote desktop must be closed and the escritorio-remoto command must be introduced a second time. Now the user is allowed to login.

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