Laptops and other hardware lending service

Lending of laptops and other hardware to CITIUS researchers for as long as two weeks (exceptions are made when in stays).

Laptops must be reserved using this tool before borrowing them. Once reserved they can be picked up from the Support Units laboratory at the ground floor. To borrow any of the other material it is enough to fill in a form when picking it up, also in the same place.

Lends are for two weeks. In the case of laptops 90 days maximum.

The following is an incomplete inventory. Ask if in need of something not listed here.

Name Description Image
HDD Dock station Dock station for SATA HDD with USB connector. Supports USB3. ASCII���User comments
Memory card reader Card reader USB 2.0. Supports miniSD, SD/MMC, CF/MD, MicroSD, MMCmicro, M2, MS/DUO ASCII���User comments
eDNI reader USB eDNI reader. Supported in GNU/Linux. Notas sobre o DNIe na Ubuntu CITIUS 14.04 ASCII���User comments
External DVD writer External DVD writer with 2 USB.
External Wifi card USB Wifi card. For Ubuntu 12.04 or higher.
USB Network card Linksys USB Network card
Microphone USB Logitech USB Microphone
Headphones and speakers


Name Description Image
Dell Latitude 13“ Ubuntu Model Latitude E6330, Ubuntu 14.04 (3 available). Charger and sleeve included.
Dell Latitude 13” Windows 7 Model Latitude E6430 Windows 7. Charger and sleeve included.
Toshiba 13“ Windows 7 Model Toshiba T130-132 Windows 7. Charger and sleeve included.
Tablet BQ Aquaris E10 Android 4.4 Charger and sleeve included.
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