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  1. Install the OpenVPN Connect application, which can be found inGoogle Play.
  2. If you received the file vpn-udp-22-user.name-config.ovpn (not the one inside the zip file but the lone one on the outside) it is enough to send it to the device.
  3. Else, if you don't have that file, send the full contents of the file vpn-udp-22-nome.de.usuario-config.zip to the device. You'll find three files with the following extensions:p12,key and ovpn. All of them must be stored in the same directory.
  4. Launch the OpenVPN Connect application and choose Import» Import profile from SD Card. In the file explorer find and select the corresponding file with ovpn extension.
  5. The application will try to find the certificate. You must choose the only option that should appear and press Allow.
  6. Introduce your CiTIUS user and your password and then press Connect.
  7. A warning will be shown about the VPN use and the possibility of having all your communications intercepted by the application which must be accepted.
  8. Once done the application will connect automatically.
  1. Open the Abre a aplicación OpenVPN Connect e pulsa no botón Conectar ou Desconectar. Pode que volvas a recibir a advertencia sobre a posibilidade de que a aplicación intercepte as comunicacións se reinicias ou apagas o dispositivo.
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