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Corporate identity manual

Corporate identity manual

Official logo and ERDF regulations

The accreditation associated with the call for the accreditation, restructuring and improvement of research centers of the Galician University System requires compliance with advertising regulations associated with ERDF funds.

Given the complexity of the complete instruction, we advise CiTIUS researchers to contact the Knowledge Management and Transfer Units and/or Infrastructures Unit for advice on its correct compliance.

Mandatory aknowledgement

In general, all documents, software, websites and any other material published by CiTIUS must have the logos of the European Funds, European Union, CIGUS network, the Xunta de Galicia, the CiTIUS logo, the USC logo and the Campus Vida logo, following the guidelines set out on this page, in compliance with the instruction of the Xunta.

Positioning and size of logos

Example of the use of logos:


Former ERDF logos

The instructions have changed from previous years and the old ERDF logos can no longer be used. The correct layout is the anagram of the flag with the text EUROPEAN UNION underneath. The text European Regional Development Fund “A way to make Europe” cannot go next to it.



Tipo Descarga
Complete logo PNG EPS
Horizontal logo PNG EPS
Complete logo Black background and dark colors PNG EPS
Horizontal logo Black background and dark colors PNG EPS
Logo without tagline in white PNG EPS
Logo without tagline in black PNG EPS

Other entities


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Campus Vida PNG EPS
Xunta de Galicia All official versions
European Union PNG EPS
Europen Funds PNGEPS