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Printers and Copier/Scanner

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Printers can only be accessed trough the cabled network. If you are connected to any of the WiFi networks you won't be able to use the printers unless you use the VPN service.

Name Model IP Location
ctprints1 HP LaserJet p4015x Basement hall
ctprint01 HP LaserJet p4015x Ground floor hall
ctprint03 HP Color LaserJet CP5225 Secretary
ctprint11 HP LaserJet p4015x First floor hall
ctprint21 HP LaserJet p4015x Second floor hall
Name Model Old IP New IP 1) Location
ctprint04 HP LaserJet M2727nf Secretary

The only color printer is ctprint03. Print jobs have to be collected during the secretary's opening hours.

HP LaserJet p4015x

Tray configuration:

  • Tray 1 (manual): any (choose paper type when printing)
  • Tray 2: White paper
  • Tray 3: Recycled paper

The default tray is number 3. There are paper packets in the cabinet under the printer. If paper runs out, more can be requested to the concierge.

Tray configuration:

  • Tray 1 (manual): any (choose paper type when printing)
  • Tray 2 (upper tray): white paper, A4 size
  • Tray 3 (lower tray): white paper, A3 size
HP Color LaserJet CP5225

Tray configuration:

  • Tray 1 (manual): Calquera tipo any (choose paper type when printing)
  • Tray 2 (): white paper, A4 size
  • Tray 3 (): white paper, A3 size

Printers start to warn about toner replacement when they have around 200 printable pages left. The toner cartridge is replaced when the printer start to print low quality pages, and no when the warning appears.

To have the toner cartridge replaced get in touch with the IT Infraestructure Management Unit using formulario de incidencias.

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