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Remote storage (NFS shared)

Remote storage (NFS shared)

This service is expected to be shutdown in december 2018. Please, use Nextcloud instead from now on.


Network shared file storage by NFSv4. A backup of all data is made every night.

There are three types of storage:

  • Personal:
    • Private space with read and write permission for the owner.
    • 20GB disk quota, expandable if necessary.
  • Projects:
    • Shared space for a fixed number of users with read and write permissions.
    • 30GB disk quota, expandable if necessary.
  • Shared folders:
    • Similar to the projects share but manageable by each user in Carqueixa.
    • 7GB disk quota each folder.
  • Scratch:
    • Shared public folder accessible to every CITIUS user.
    • 1TB size without quotas.
    • Files are erased every 24 hours and no backups are made


Every CITIUS Ubuntu user has this service activated automatically. Other users an collaborators can request activation filling the requests and problem reporting form. This form is only available to CITIUS users.

Project folders can be requested filling the same form and specifying name wanted(just letters and numbers, no spaces), users allowed and requested size (only if bigger than 30GB).


How can I access the storage?

There are several ways of accessing the storage:

  • Directly using NFS in any CITIUS Ubuntu.
  • Using SSH, connecting to as explained in this page.
  • Using SMB, connecting to as explained in this page.

Can this service be accessed from an outer network?

Yes, there are several ways:

  • Using the SMB or SSH access, creating a tunnel in the SSH gateway , or connecting to the VPN.
  • Using the web tool Carqueixa.