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Open Access

Normally, you can publish the preprint of an article before acceptance in generic repositories such as Arxiv and in the institutional repository Minerva. This depends on the publisher and is not always possible. If you have any doubts, please consult the Knowledge Management and Transfer Unit.

Once a publication is accepted it must be uploaded to XiCi, for publication on the CiTIUS website: Add publication. In case you have preprints you may need to update them with DOI and journal information. For example, Arxiv allows you to update the DOI and journal reference from the author's account in the list of published papers.

The institutional repository Minerva allows self-archiving of publications indicating the embargo period of the journal. In this way, articles are automatically made public once the embargo periods are fulfilled.

You can check the conditions for journal self-archiving at the following portal Sherpa Romeo, a search engine and repository for this type of information.

Funding institutions may have article dissemination requirements (e.g. immediately for Horizon Europe projects and 1 year for national projects). Some publishers allow self-archiving of publications when their policies conflict with the policies of the funding agencies, which can be used to publish articles through the “green path” before the embargo periods are met.

The Google Scholar profiles also allow the archiving of pdf documents associated to publications. We recommended you to check that you comply with the policies of the different publishers before uploading the pdf of a publication to Google Scholar.