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Corporate identity manual

Here, it can be downloaded the Corporate identity manual of CiTIUS.

Official logo and ERDF regulations

The accreditation associated with the call for the accreditation, restructuring and improvement of research centers of the Galician University System requires compliance with advertising regulations associated with ERDF funds.

Given the complexity of the complete instruction complete instruction, we advise CiTIUS researchers to contact the Knowledge Management and Transfer Units and/or Infrastructures Unit for advice on its correct compliance.

In general, all documents, software, websites and any other material published by CiTIUS must have the logos of the European Union, the Xunta de Galicia, the tourist logo of Galicia, the CiTIUS logo, the USC logo and the Campus Vida logo, following the guidelines set out on this page, in compliance with the instruction of the Xunta.

It is also necessary to include the text EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND “A way of doing Europe “.

The CiTIUS logo should be used in a smaller size than the main logo of the work where it is exhibited, in case it has one, and with some separation, so that it does not look like the main logo or part of it.

In case of going together with the CiTIUS logo, the USC logo must have the same height as the orange square of the CiTIUS logo. The Campus Vida logo should be approximately 30% larger.

The logo of the Xunta de Galicia must be aligned with the flag of the European Union logo. The rest of the logos that accompany them, including the tourist logo of Galicia (which must be to the right of the whole), must be 60% of this size to the right and centered vertically with the logo of the Xunta de Galicia.

In the case of all the logos being in the same place, the largest logo should be that of the Xunta de Galicia and the European Union. The rest, including the CiTIUS logo, should be 60% of the size. In this case, the Campus Vida logo can be the same size as the CiTIUS orange square.

For the headers of documents, the logos of the Xunta de Galicia and the European Union should be aligned at the top left, and the rest of the logos at the top right, with the Galicia logo always at the far right.

For footers, web pages, document closings and end of presentations, the placement of the logos should be inverted. First the European Union logo, to the right the Xunta de Galicia logo, and to the left the rest of the logos, with the Galicia logo to the left.

If all the logos are in the same place, Galicia's logo should be on the left side of the page.

For document footers, in addition to inverting the placement of the logos, the logos of the Xunta de Galicia and the European Union should be aligned to the right, and the rest of the logos to the left.

In electronic media it is mandatory to put the logos in color. In non-electronic media, it is possible to use black and white versions according to the guidelines of the Xunta de Galicia, the European Union and the corresponding organizations.

The instructions have changed from previous years and the old ERDF logos can no longer be used. The correct layout is the anagram of the flag with the text EUROPEAN UNION underneath. The text European Regional Development Fund “A way to make Europe” cannot go next to it.

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