Web proxy / redirections

Web redirections by means of an reverse proxy that allow access from outer networks to applications installed in servers in the CITIUS internal network, like CloudStack.

Each redirection must be requested filling the requests and problem reporting form. This form is only available to CITIUS users.

Don't forget to specify:

  • The complete URL used to access from the CITIUS network.
  • The complete URL used to access from outer networks, which may be the same or different.
  • The domain name which can be chosen between demos.citius.usc.es and tec.citius.usc.es.
  • Whether access trough HTTP, HTTPS or both are needed.
  • If any special feature is needed (big files, higher timeouts, SPDY, websockets, etc).
  • Expiration date ( one year extendable for virtual machines in cloud projects; maximun of 6 non-extendable months for any other case)
  • If monitoring by sysadmins is required (explained further down).

You'll receive confirmation when everything is ok by email. When the expiration date is due, the administrators will get in touch with you again to check if the redirection has to be renewed or deleted.

To see a list of your redirections you can check theredirections query page.

You can use this example:

Access URL fron inside the CITIUS:
Requested URL to access from outside the CITIUS: http://tec.citius.usc.es/exemplo
Type of access: HTTP e HTTPS
Special features: None
Expiration date: None
Monitoring: No/Yes

Monitoring allows the CITIUS sysadmins to be warned if any redirection is not working. It is a simple request made to the URL to check whether it answers and if it does so without an HTTP error. If the check fails, the requester of the redirection will be contacted as soon as possible.

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